Greece - Santorini

Who Should Enrol?

Known to the classical world as Thera or Thira, Santorini is located about 200 kilometers from the Greek mainland, in the southern Aegean Sea.  Formed of an ancient volcano and featuring a massive lagoon bounded on three sides by soaring 300 meter high cliffs, the island's dive sites are mostly positioned right next to a 400 meter drop off, so good buoyancy control is a priority if you plan to explore any of the walls or pinnacles you'll find here.  

Santorini is a group of volcanic islands with exciting and unique lava formations – the result of a huge eruption which happened 3500 years ago. With beautiful typical architecture, villages built on the edge of the caldera cliffs, the heritage of an ancient civilization as well as impressive geology and nature, Santorini has a lot to show to you.

Oia, where Atlantis Dive Center is located, is the village that most typifies the white houses and blue roofs of Santorini. It sits perched 200 metres above the sea with houses built one over  the other or in in caves. Its architecture has been protected since 1976 by the programme for preservation and development of traditional settlements of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

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If thinking on Greece, Santorini is the perfect location for you to have a great holiday and have a superb diving experience!

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7 Days Trip @ Santorini, Greece

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  • 7 Dives in Santorini

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  • 3 Nights Accommodation during site-seeing

  • Air Tickets

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Greece - Santorini